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Hey nerds, Stumptown 40 is in one month

The Stumptown 40 is upon us, and for those of you looking for a reason to devote your nights and weekends to building a pinewood derby car (other than the glory of victory), this year’s event benefits Schoolhouse Supplies, an organization on whose board I currently serve.

The Stumptown 40 is an annual pinewood derby race sponsored by several Portland agencies and start-ups. The event, held this year at Spirit of ’77, costs $25 to enter – which includes the kit you’ll use to make your car. Prizes are awarded for the fastest car and the most creative car (our car at StepChange Group used Arduino to Tweet, “Look at me go!”, etc., as it careened down the ramp).

Schoolhouse Supplies is an awesome Portland organization that operates a free school supplies store for teachers. This store gets much needed basics – pencils, pens, paper – into the hands of the students in Portland who need them most. Your entry fee will directly benefit the purchase of these supplies.

Sign up now – you know you’re not doing anything between now and May 22, right?

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